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Hose Clamps for agricultural machinery and more

With innovative solutions and a commitment to sustainability to make farming efficient and productive, we have everything you need to help you grow.

Maximising Agricultural Efficiency

As a key driver of the global economy, the agricultural sector must continually evolve to become more efficient and productive. Innovative solutions are essential to optimize agricultural processes and ensure maximum crop yields.

That is where our products come in, playing a vital role in enhancing the efficiency of agricultural operations with a wide range of tools and equipment designed to meet the specific needs of farmers.


Hose Clamps for Irrigation Systems

Efficient irrigation is vital for healthy crop growth, and hose clamps are essential for maintaining the integrity of irrigation systems. Mikalor's ASFA range of hose clamps ensures long-term watertight seals, offering superior corrosion resistance and quality in wet and corrosive environments.

For high-pressure applications, the Supra hose clamps stand out with their ability to withstand significant pressures. Their unique design guarantees a consistent water flow to crops, optimizing agricultural performance. Additionally, these clamps are easy to install, allowing them to be fitted to pipes without the need for disassembly.


Fastening Systems for Agricultural Structures

Building and maintaining agricultural structures such as greenhouses and nurseries require reliable fastening tools. We offer a wide range of Mikalor fastening products, including studs, bolts, nuts, and screws, to meet all your needs.


Cables, Chains and Accessories for Crop Management

Versatility is key in agricultural applications, and UNIQ provides solutions such as the 6x7 + 1 (FC) textile core cable and the 7x7 + 0 AISI 316 stainless steel metal core cable. Their robust construction and corrosion resistance make these cables ideal for various applications, from construction to fencing and crop protection. Alongside our UNIQ range of wire rope clips, we ensure the tensioning and organization of your agricultural installations, providing the necessary stability for efficient crop management.

We also offer a range of high-quality cutting tools to help you organize and cut wire ropes of different diameters, from small wire rope cutters to wire rope shears for thicker cables.

Additionally, our commercial chains provide a practical and durable solution for a wide range of field applications, from securing equipment to transporting tools and food.

UNIQ wire ropes for the agricultural sector

Safety and Security Equipment

Safety is a priority for us and the agricultural sector. Our Cofil polyurethane gloves offer superior protection, allowing farmers to carry out manual work more safely and protecting their hands when using tools and equipment, reducing the risk of injury.

When it comes to transportation, it is vital to ensure the protection of the food and fruits of our agricultural projects to maintain their quality and minimize potential losses. UNIQ lashing systems provide reliable securing of loads during transport, with options available for light loads starting from 250 kg to larger loads up to 10,000 kg. This ensures that farmers can be confident their produce will arrive in perfect condition.

Cofil polyurethane gloves for the agricultural sector

Supporting Sustainable Development

At Damesa, we are committed to sustainable development in agriculture. Through various initiatives, we continuously work to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and promote sustainable farming practices.

From producing eco-friendly products to using fully recyclable packaging, Damesa is dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable future for agriculture.


Damesa on the Agricultural Sector

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability solidifies Damesa's position as your trusted partner in improving agricultural processes and increasing productivity in the field.


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