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DIN 3021 Spring Band Clamp
DIN 3021 Spring Band Clamp

DIN 3021 Spring Band Clamp (IND)

This heavy-duty spring-band clamp is manufactured according to DIN 3021.


It is especially recommended for applications where temperature can vary from -40ºC to +120ºC.


The design of this clamp means that thanks to the elasticity of the material used in its manufacture, it maintains the same radial force despitechanges in temperature. It is fast and easy to mount and is also reusable.


* Also available in 15 mm bandwidth

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Steel 51 CrV4

Multilayer, Chrome(VI)-Free 
Base Coat: Zinc
Top Coat: Organic
Black Color

Corrosion resistance:
720 hours
Salt Spray (ASTM B-117)

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