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ASFA L (9 mm) Hose Clamp with Stainless Steel inner-ring (plain finish)

ASFA L (9 mm) hose clamp with stainless steel inner-ring

ASFA L hose clamps fitted with stainless steel inner-rings were designed to give extra protection to the hose, especially where vibration over long periods of time is an issue.

These clamps are particularly recommended for use on silicone hoses, which can be easily cut. The inner-ring fitted to the ASFA clamp prevents damage to the hose, as well as distributing the pressure of the clamp evenly around the hose.

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Galvanized steel DIN 1.0935
Bolt: Steel Qst 36-3 DIN 1.0214
Inner-ring: Stainless steel AISI 301 DIN 1.4310

Bolt: Zinc plated Cr3

Corrosion resistance:
144 hours salt spray (ASTM B-117)

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