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Fixed Diameter Clamp

The fixed diameter “S” clamp was designed to ensure the best possible fit of hose and coupling. The clamping range of this clamp is minimal, meaning that the diameter of the clamp before and after tightening is very similar. Once the clamp has been mounted and tightened it fits the desired diameter exactly. Another advantage is that very little tightening is required to reach the required torque. The design of the “S” clamp means that it can be used to assemble hoses with metal or plastic couplings. It is particularly recommended for certain sectors ranging from medical machinery manufacture to cars and motorcycles.

* This clamp can be supplied in diameters up to 120 mm and in bandwidths up to 20 mm.

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Band: W1 Steel DIN 1.0935
Thread and nut: Steel
Resistance 6.6

Zinc plated Cr3

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