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ASFA L7 Worm-Drive Clip

ASFA L7 Worm-Drive Clip

The ASFA L7 is the smallest worm-drive hose clamp in the Mikalor range and, dare we say it, in the world. This clamp has been developed for use in applications where a standard clamp cannot be used due to a shortage of space. It is manufactured using the same technology and production processes as the current 9 mm and 12 mm ASFA ranges and is subject to the standards and quality controls specified by ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

As this is a very compact clamp, we have had to adapt the housing and screw in order to reach a clamping force of up to 1.5Nm. This clampìng force ensures total leaktightness. The 6mm cylindrical screw, manufactured by Mikalor exclusively for the L7 clamp, means that there is no need for an excessive and unnecessary application of torque.

The ASFA L7 can be used in many different applications and sectors: commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, infrastructure, ventilation, fuel lines, white goods, etc.

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ASFA L7 Worm-Drive Clip
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Band and support: W1 Galvanized steel DIN 1.0935
Bolt: Steel Qst 36-3 DIN 1.0213

Bolt: Zinc plated Cr3

Corrosion resistance:
144 hours salt spray (ASTM B-117)

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