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Two Ear Clip Assortment Boxes

Two Ear Clip Assortment Boxes

Mikalor has developed the Two Ear Clip assortment boxes with the aim of providing all the most commonly used dimensions in zinc-plated mild steel and in stainless steel. The sturdy plastic case is also very convenient for transporting the product and means that you always have the most common dimensions at your disposal. The insert contains information on the location of each diameter inside the box. 

Each box contains a set of pincers which can be used with all dimensions of Mikalor ear clips in all sorts of applications.

Two Ear Clip Assortment Boxes
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Available in W1 and W4 qualities.

Printed information:
Insert with information on contents

Case, separators and latch: Polypropylene

W1: 2,2 kg
W4: 2,4 kg

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