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MD blue detectable nylon cable ties
MD blue detectable nylon cable ties

MD blue detectable nylon cable ties

Cofil is proud to present the MD detectable cable tie range. This range has been specially designed with the food and pharmaceutical industries in mind.

These ties are also used in other sectors where it is essential to avoid plastic contamination of the processed or manufactured goods, and which use metal detection equipment. MD detectable cable ties are manufactured in PA 6.6 and are used mainly to fasten cables and electric control panels located near the manufacturing or packing sections of food and pharmaceutical companies.

Detection methods:

1. Metal detection:
The Cofil MD detectable cable tie incoporates metal particles throughout the tie, which ensure that even a small piece can be detected by an industrial metal detector.

2. Visual detection:
Thanks to the blue colour of MD detectable cable ties, visual detection is quick and easy in the case of the contamination of most food and pharmaceutical products.

3. X-Ray detection:
As a rule, X-rays can detect any contaminating substance which has a different density from the goods under inspection. MD cable ties are detectable due to their different tones of grey.

Product characteristics

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Polyamide 6.6

EN 62275/15 - RoHS Directive (2015/863/EU)
Tensile test according to UL 62275

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