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Universal nylon wall plug TX

Universal nylon wall plug TX

The TX nylon plug is made of 6.6 polyamide and is suitable for use in solid (concrete, stone, brick...) and hollow materials (hollow brick, hollow concrete...) that support light loads. It has a countersunk collar that prevents the plug from being inserted too far into the hole and making its application complicated. It has undulations along its body to prevent it from rotating. Once screwed in, the plug bulges and expands, acquiring an oval shape that presses against the walls, in the case of solid material. In the case of hollow materials, the plug knots itself when expanding (nylon contracts creating a ball that prevents the plug from coming loose and fixes it).

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Universal nylon wall plug TX
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Polyamide PA 6

Concrete, hollow and solid brick, natural stone, sand stone, plasterboard, papier-mâché

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