How to apply DIN 6798 tooth lock external washers by Mikalor

🔩🛠️ Learn how to correctly install DIN 6798 washers with our new video tutorial!

Discover how these toothed washers can be your perfect ally for locking nuts, screws and bolts subject to vibration and ensuring uniform tightening torque in mechanical, electrical and electronic assemblies.

🔹 Form A: Perfect for uniform contact on the largest diameter, resistant to loosening thanks to its serrated external design. Form A washer is ideal for flat and perpendicular surfaces.
🔹 Form V: Designed for 90° head bolts, providing a high coefficient of friction for progressive tightening torques, making the Form V the perfect choice for this type of scenario.
🔹 Form J: Optimal for internal chamfers and uneven surfaces, ensuring a tight fit even in the most demanding conditions.

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