How to install cable turnbuckles by UNIQ

📹 In this tutorial we will show you how to install cable turnbuckles easily and safely. Turnbuckles are classified according to the type of body: open or closed, and the type of attachment: rod, clevis, ring and hook. 🔧

🔹 Open Body vs Closed Body:

The open body allows for easy insertion and adjustment of the cable, while the tubular body offers greater strength and stability in heavier applications.

🔹 Hook Types:

• Rod: Ideal for applications that require precise adjustment and a firm grip.
• Jaw: Provides a secure hold and is suitable for applications requiring greater mobility.
• Eye: Provides a more general grip and is versatile for a variety of applications.
• Hook: Perfect for applications that require quick and easy attachment.

These tips will help you choose and install the right turnbuckle for your needs.

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