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Do you know what Chemical Anchors are used for? They are used for more things than we think...
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ALL our Chemical Anchors are CERTIFIED

· An A+ environmental certification, for volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions in urban environments.
· An ETA (European Technical Assessment) certification is a globally recognised framework for testing chemical anchors, evaluating and interpreting test results and publishing them in a standardised format.

Choose the product that best suits your application!



Chemical anchors are designed to support a load depending on the application:

PL and PL FREE are intended to withstand MEDIUM loads. This means that it's used for NON-critical applications.
Whereas EPO-TECH and VE-PLUS support a MEDIUM / HIGH load. They can be used in a wide range of applications.

  • PL: Perfect for moderate projects. Link  PL FREE: Perfect for medium projects. Link
  • EPO-TECH: Perfect for large projects. Link  VE-PLUS: Perfect for special projects. Link 

Medium Load can be applied to:

  • Metal structures, wooden structures, signage, street furniture, etc.

Medium/High Load can be applied to:

  • Metal structures, machinery, façade structures, railings, etc.




We have the tools to make it easier for you: 

  • Mixing nozzles: This mixing nozzle can be used with 400, 345, 300, 175 and 150 ml chemical anchor cartridges. Link
  • Profesional resin dispensing tool: Perfect for applying medium to high viscosity chemical anchors. Link 
    Lightweight resin dispensing tool: Perfect for the application of medium viscosity chemical anchors. Link
  • Steel brush: Perfect for cleaning and removing waste from the drill hole to ensure perfect adhesion of the resin. Link
  • Blow pump: Tool designed to clean and remove waste from the hole to provide perfect adherence to the resin. Link
  • Internal threaded sleeve: Perfect for applying bolts, eye-bolts or other accessories in your chemical anchor applications. Link 
    Nylon sleeve: Perfect for attaching rods to your chemical anchor applications. Link

Link to VIDEO

This video shows you step by step how to best apply CHEFIX products to ensure a proper application.




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