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One ear clip with inner ring

Our inner ring clips are specifically designed for very small hose diameters, where the tube or hose material may be too flexible, ensuring tightness in tubes carrying air, gas or liquids.



  • Guaranteed Tightness: The inner ring plays a key role, ensuring tightness even in extremely flexible conditions.
  • Protection: The inner ring protects the rubber, preventing possible damage and deterioration to the hose.
  • Ideal for Small Diameters: Perfect for small hoses where deformation could compromise the joint.

What quality do you need?

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Clamp: Steel DC04 (EN 10130)
Inner-ring: Stainless steel AISI 301 1.4310 (10151)

Clamp: Zinc plated Cr3

Corrosion resistance:
Clamp: 72 hours salt spray (ASTM B-117)
Inner-ring: 250 hours salt spray (ASTM B-117)

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