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Reverse handle pulling system "Confort"

Reverse handle pulling system "Confort"

This ratchet set consists of a tensioning device with a sewn band with an open hook end and another band section with an open hook end. This item is essential to immobilize any type of freight that is transported by land, air or sea. In addition, this item differs from standard ratchet sets in that the force on the ratchet wrench is exerted in opposite direction and the length of the ratchet, the tooth system and the tensioning direction allow for the lashing to be carried out with a lesser force.

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Reverse handle pulling system "Confort"
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Band: 100 % polyester
Ratchet: Steel and PVC
Hooks: Steel

Ratchet and hooks: Zinc plated

Band: Blue
Ratchet (ergonomic part): Black

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