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Bow shackle heavy-duty

The widening of the bow makes it easier to accommodate the sling or hook of choice, and can improve mobility if necessary.

The high-resistance steel component of its structure ensures that great working loads can be lifted with a smaller shackle, thus facilitating its handling. Each shackle is marked with its size and its working load in tonnes, guaranteeing the correct choice and, therefore, increasing safety.

TIPS: For correct assembly, the hook must always be attached to the shackle bolt and the sling, the wire or rope must be attached to the shackle bow. Assembly must never be carried out in reverse order. Although lateral loads must be avoided, it allows for special applications at 45° and 90°. The following SWL load reductions must be taken into account for these cases: 45° reduction to 70 % and 90° reduction to 50 %. In order not to compromise safety, the SWL established for each size must never be exceeded.

Product characteristics

Bow shackle heavy-duty
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High resistance steel
Body: Steel C45
Shackle bolt: Alloy steel

Body: Galvanized
Shackle bolt: Red

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