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Galvanized steel wire rope - 19 x 7 + 0 (non-rotating)

Galvanized steel wire rope 19 x 7 + 0 (non-rotating) is a mechanical element manufactured to maintain a balance between hardness, strength, abrasion, crushing, fatigue and corrosion. The technology used to manufacture steel wire rope is in constant development. Its main characteristics are the wires that make it up, the way they are arranged, how the strands are formed and how they are wound around the core. Thanks to their resistance, strength, durability, thickness and flexibility, steel wire ropes are used in countless applications and locations. UNIQ steel wire rope combines reliability, safety and high performance.

Certification UNE-EN 12385-4.

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Regular lay (non-rotating)


Self-loading trucks and cranes (self - erecting - tower - boom truck)

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