How to install cage nuts from Mikalor

🎥 Find out how to install our Cage Nuts in our new YouTube tutorial. With three different models, we present the fasteners you need: the Standard Cage Nut, the Front Mount Cage Nut and the Cylindrical Cage Nut.

Their ease of use saves a lot of assembly time. Designed for high torque and high axial loads, they eliminate the need for complex threading, welding or riveting operations and ensure that mounting panels are aligned.

🔩 The Standard Cage Nut combines flexibility and strength for any assembly, saving time on assembly operations without the need for special tools. It can be mounted in rectangular enclosures and can be moved laterally for subsequent assembly adjustments.

🔧 The Front Mount Cage Nut is ideal for rigid structures, open profiles, tubular or blind assemblies. It is quick to assemble and disassemble, making it easy to install in a variety of scenarios.

🛠️ The Cylindrical Cage Nut is characterised by its front access and simultaneous assembly in round, punched or drilled housings. Specially designed for simultaneous assembly of the box and the screw, this part is recommended for panels of different thicknesses.

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