How to install Standard, Trebol and Aluminium Flower Rivet

Welcome to the COFIL Standard, Trebol and Aluminium Flower Rivet installation guide! With different head sizes and colours.

Let's start with our trebol rivets, a blind rivet that offers maximum strength and reliability in joining hard and soft materials.

Next, we introduce our flower rivets, ideal for joining rigid materials to those that are softer and prone to deformation. With a unique design that opens into four parts, like the petals of a flower, these rivets provide a perfect and secure assembly.

Finally, we look at standard blind rivets, which are perfect for joining a wide range of metal materials. Manufactured from steel for strength and assembly consistency, these rivets are the ideal choice when durability and reliability are required.

Don't miss this tutorial to find out more about how our rivets can improve your fastening projects!