How to install the inner rings of our ASFA from Mikalor

Find out how to protect your pipes and hoses with our latest YouTube tutorial! 🛠️ Today we present the stainless steel inner ring designed specifically for Mikalor's 9 mm and 12 mm ASFA clamps. This innovative accessory provides additional protection from damage that the band and housing may cause when it comes in contact with the hose or pipe.

Why the inner ring? It's a crucial addition, particularly recommended for use with delicate silicone tubing that is prone to cutting. As well as ensuring a perfect fit, the inner ring acts as a shield to prevent potential damage to the hose. It also helps to evenly distribute pressure around the tube, increasing overall stability.

Unlock the key to preserving your hose and optimising its performance with our step-by-step installation guide. 💪🔗