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Product specialization at damesa

At Damesa we aim for customer satisfaction. We therefore focus on providing solutions to customers’ needs and requirements.

At Damesa we aim for customer satisfaction. We therefore focus on providing solutions to customers’ needs and requirements. The Industrial Supplies and Hardware Distribution sector requires a wide range of products of the highest quality. In response to this need, all the brands managed by Damesa follow strict criteria of specialization and rigorous quality control.



  • SOLID: Damesa commercializes the brand Solid Bolts, which includes a range of nuts, bolts and set screws for use with wood, steel, panels etc. with different screw drives (Hexagonal, Allen, Posidrive etc.)

You will find a great range of products under the SOLID banner, like the DIN 7504-K self-drilling (cladding) screw, SLE case-hardened wood screw, steel screws, hex-socket set screws, wing nuts and wing screws.


  • COFIL: This brand includes a line of products designed to fasten both light and heavy loads. We offer solutions to an infinite number of applications in sectors ranging from agriculture to electricity generation.

COFIL offers products such as metal anchors, scaffolding bolts and anchors, nylon plugs, plaster-board plugs and anchors for cavity walls, rivets and rivet nuts, nylon cable ties (PA 6.6), S and D-shaped saddles and pipe clamps.


  • CHEFIX: This is the Damesa brand which offers fastening solutions based on Polyester, Epoxy-Acrylate and Vinylester resins. All these resins comply with EU certification and are designed to be used with wood, solid or hollow materials, concrete, and cracked concrete.

The Chefix range is not only made up of chemical anchors, but also includes a complete range of accessories for the application of these resins like dispensing tools, mixing nozzles, blow-out pumps, steel brushes and nylon and internal-threaded sleeves.


  • UNIQ: The Uniq brand covers cable accessories and lifting gear, which are used to fasten chains, cables and slings and used for lifting and loading.

The UNIQ range also includes lashing sets and ratchet straps which are used to tie down loads for safe transport. The UNIQ range also complies with all current EU norms


  • LUKIA: The LUKIA brand comprises a complete range of diamond and metal-cutting discs for the construction sector. This wide range allows you to choose the most suitable disc for the material to be cut, both in the industrial sector as well as for construction. The performance, precision and speed of our discs stand out in comparison with competitors.

LUKIA offers discs for dry cutting and wet cutting as well as discs for a variety of applications such as construction, ceramics, marble, granite and industrial applications, amongst others. The range also includes metal-cutting discs, grinding discs and polishing discs.