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Super Heavy-Duty Clamp
Super Heavy-Duty Clamp

Super Heavy-Duty Clamp

Mikalor was the first company to design and produce a heavy-duty hose clamp, and since then the Super clamp has gone from strength to strength.


The high strength 8.8 grade steel nut and T-bolt mean that Super can be tightened up hard using many different kinds of tools, while the beveled edges protect the hose from harm.


The Super clamp is in its element in agricultural applications, waste water extraction, mining, quarrying or in other sectors where a rugged yet competitively priced heavy-duty clamp is required.

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Band: Mild Steel (F111)
Screw: Steel Qst 36-3 (DIN 10.213)
Trunnions: Steel (DIN 1.0333)

Silver-White Cr3 Zinc-Plated

Resistance to corrosion:
72 hours
Salt Spray (ASTM B- 117)

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