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Supra Heavy-Duty Clamp

The Supra Clamp is the evolution of the Super Clamp, making it the ideal choice for demanding applications in the industrial, automotive and agricultural sectors.

Thanks to its revolutionary swivel bridge design, it can be easily mounted without removing the hose, making it easy to assemble and disassemble without having to remove other parts of the clamp.

*Fully complies with RoHs EU Directive 2002/95/EC dated 1st July 2006.



  • High Performance: The geometry of this heavy-duty clamp has been specifically designed to provide high performance.
  • High Strength: Its high-strength bolt ensures a safe tightening and allows high torque values to be achieved.
  • High Protection: Bevelled edges prevent cutting of the hose and ensure a secure connection.


*Special dimensions can be manufactured on request.

Patented worldwide.

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Band and support: W2 Stainless steel X6Cr 17 DIN 1.4016 AISI 430
Bolt: 19 MnB4 1.5523 (EN-10269)
Nuts: Steel DC04 (EN 10130), ST 3K32 (DIN 1624) = DC03 (EN 10130)

Bolts and nuts: Zinc plated Cr3

Corrosion resistance:
Band, nuts and bridge: 72 hours salt spray ASTM B-117

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