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What is lashing and what is it used for?

In this article we explain what lashing is, what it is used for and what types there are.

Lashing is the action of securing and immobilizing containers, pallets and all types of goods through the use of fastening systems during any transport activity, whether by air, land or sea.

The main objective of this activity is to try to avoid possible damage to the goods caused by scratches or shocks caused by the movement of the contents or the vehicle. In addition, lashing also improves road safety, since an incorrect placement of the goods can cause serious accidents for both people and the environment.

To perform the lashing operation correctly, it is necessary to carry out a study of the load to be immobilized. The people in charge of lashing must know the type of merchandise, the means of transport, where the merchandise will be immobilized and the regulations that apply to the operation. Having this basic information, the operators proceed to study more aspects of the cargo, such as: the dimensions, the lashing angle, the acceleration value of the cargo and the friction factors. All this information allows the specialists to determine the appropriate type of lashing to immobilize the goods to prevent damage to the cargo.

At Damesa we distribute a wide variety of Uniq brand lashing systems for all types of applications. Let's take a look at them below.



TIGHTENING: Consists of a tensioning device and a strap. Depending on the maximum load of use, they are divided into:

LIGHT LOADS: Maximum loads of 250 kg, 450 kg and 800 kg.

HEAVY LOADS: Maximum loads of 2.000 kg and 4.000 kg.

TENSIONING: Consists of a tensioning device with stitched webbing with a hook terminal (closed or open) and another length of webbing with another hook terminal (closed or open). This type of lashing device is only intended for maximum loads of 800 kg, 2.000 kg, 4.000 kg and 5.000 kg.

In addition, Uniq also has a specific lashing system for securing automobiles on cranes with a car platform. It has a swivel hook and two additional movable hooks. It also includes protective/anti-slip rubber pads and has a maximum working load of 4.000 kg.



The lashing parts are also presented separately, so that one of the parts can be replaced when damaged: strap, buckle, heavy-duty ratchet, closed hook, open hook.