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Speaking with Victor: Insights from Andrew McGurk, International Area Manager at Mikalor

Launching a new blog series, we dive deep into the stories and employee perspective across the Mikalor Group.


We start off with a new blog section, Speaking with Victor, as we dive into the experiences and insights of key figures within the Mikalor Group.

Our first guest is Andrew McGurk, International Area Manager, who brings 22 years of expertise in the hose clamps industry. This conversation offers a glimpse into Andrew's journey, the evolution of his role, and his perspective on the future of the company.


The Journey

Victor: Can you describe your first day at Mikalor? What were your initial responsibilities and how have they evolved over time?


Andrew: My first day at Mikalor was quite eventful. The export department was in its nascent stages with only a few members, marking the beginning of Damesa's international expansion.

My initial responsibilities were varied and not as clearly defined as they are now. I did everything from talking to customers and suppliers to conducting internal investigations.


The Role

Victor: How did you manage to expand in your area?


Andrew: I was responsible for Northern Europe, and there wasn't much turnover initially. However, by working hard, staying organized, and travelling extensively, I managed to increase our market presence significantly, boosting the initial turnover significantly.

My role has evolved from handling everything to a more structured and focussed approach as the company has grown and roles have become more defined.


The Industry

Victor: How do you stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the hose clamp industry?


Andrew: While hose clamps haven't changed much over the years, I stay updated by following our competitors closely, their catalogues and online presence.

The biggest challenge for me now is keeping up with technological advances like AI, online sales, and social media. For me, those developments are more challenging to adapt to than changes in the product itself.

Andrew and Víctor Talking about Mikalor and its future


The Successes and Challenges

Victor: Can you share a specific instance where you faced a significant challenge in your role and how you managed to overcome it?


Andrew: A significant challenge has always been the competition. To overcome this, I have focussed on being approachable and responsive to our customers, organizing my efforts with discipline and enthusiasm. These elements have been crucial establishing the Mikalor brand in international markets.


Victor: What are some of the key lessons you’ve learned from your years of experience in the industry?


Andrew: Key lessons include the value of treating people with respect, honesty, and maintaining discipline and organization.

Building strong relationships with customers and being responsive and proactive are vital. Over the years, I've come to represent the company to our customers, and I strive to do so with honour and discipline.


The Future

Victor: Looking ahead, what are some of the goals you have for Mikalor’s export department?


Andrew: Personally, I aim to strengthen and organize some of the more challenging markets before I retire. My goal is to ensure these markets receive the attention they need to thrive.


Victor: What are your expectations for the future of the company?


Andrew: Mikalor has evolved from a small family company to a multinational entity exporting to more than 100 countries. The future looks promising, but there are challenges ahead, such as the shift towards electric vehicles, which use fewer hose clamps. 

However, I believe the company is well-prepared to face these challenges under Jordi Montaner's leadership.



Our conversation with Andrew McGurk provides valuable insights into the growth and challenges within Mikalor and the hose clamp industry.

Andrew's dedication and strategic approach have significantly contributed to Mikalor's international expansion. As we look to the future, his experience and wisdom will continue to guide the company towards new heights.


Stay tuned for more interviews and insights in our Speaking with Victor series.

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