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ASFA High Torque Constant Tension Hose Clamp

The ASFA High Torque Constant Tension Hose Clamp is designed to maintain constant torque and performance values, adapting to vibration and temperature changes thanks to its special conical washer screw.



  • Superior Performance: Its 8mm hexagonal screw and 16mm bandwidth increase tightening torque by over 118% and performance by 48% compared to 12mm clamps.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Perfect for industrial, agricultural, naval and commercial vehicle applications where a robust, high performance clamp is required.
  • Protection and Durability: Manufactured with rounded band edges and a double-reinforced housing to prevent damage to hoses and ensure a secure hold.

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Band and Housing: Stainless steel W3 AISI 430 X6Cr17 (DIN 1.4016)
Screw: Stainless steel 304 Cu
Washers: Stainless steel W4 AISI 304

Corrosion resistance:
200 hours salt spray ASTM B-117

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