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Stainless Steel Inner-Ring for ASFA S 12 mm Hose Clamps

This inner-ring for the ASFA S worm-drive clip (12mm) has been carefully designed to provide superior tube protection in the clamping system. This ring is particularly recommended for use on silicone tubing, which is particularly susceptible to cutting damage.



  • Advanced Protection: The inner ring provides an excellent seal, ensuring the integrity of the hose and protecting it from damage.
  • Improved Performance: Improves the clamp's circular performance by better distributing pressure evenly, which is critical for sensitive applications.
  • Finish options: Available in non-PTFE coated stainless steel for high corrosion resistance and durability, and in a black PTFE coated finish for an extra layer of resistance to aggressive environments and discreet aesthetics.

What finish do you need?

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Stainless Steel W4 AISI 301

Non-PTFE coated

Corrosion resistance:
400 hours Salt Spray ASTM B-117

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