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ASFA Hose Clamp with Pre-Assembly Clip
ASFA Hose Clamp with Pre-Assembly Clip

ASFA hose clamp with preassembly

With the aim of saving time and increasing productivity on the assembly line, Mikalor has developed the only clamp of its kind capable of guaranteeing the same tightening torque values and the same performance as a standard clamp.  


Thanks to its exclusive design, the pre-assembly clip can be fitted to the clamp and later attached to the hose without any loss of functionality, tightening torque or reduction in performance. Another new feature of our pre- positioning system is that the clip can also be fixed to the hose using adhesive. This is the only pre-assembly system which guarantees that the hose is not damaged when the clamp is tightened.  


* Special dimensions and positioning of the clip according to customer requirements are available on request.


* The maximum application pressure can vary depending on the type of hose used and the geometry of the coupling.

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Band, housing and clip: AISI-430 Stainless Steel

Clip: Delta Seal Black

Corrosion resistance:
200h Salt Spray Test (ASTM B-117)

Maximum tightening speed (RPM):
540 ±5

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